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New Zealand Assist was brought to life because we know how it feels to move your whole family abroad and not know what to expect. All we had as reference were some internet sites that supplied some information on everything except what we needed to know. With this in mind and our own family ‘getting settled’ to the way things work in NZ, we kinda felt obligated to share what we have come to learn (the hard way) over here.

First things first! It truly is an amazing way of life, that is true! BUT because we were used to a total different way of living in South Africa; getting used to another culture takes some time…and effort, but it is totally worth it. Yes, English is the language spoken in NZ and English is most probably your first or second language and you can help yourself with absolutely no problem; getting used to the Kiwi accent is a bit nerve wrecking at first. I had to pretend that I am hard of hearing more than once not to offend the person talking to me because I could not understand what she was saying after saying ‘excuse me’ three times. Yes it happened and I am sure that it will happen a few more times but no worries, we will get there.

So, getting back to ‘who we are’ and ‘how we can assist you’…

You know that feeling when you are asked to submit your CV online on a job hunting site and you hear that the employers here have a complete different idea of what the CV should look like and say…off course you do. Well, yes, they have the correct info, but talking to quite a few employers; we found that the template supplied by most recruiters and internet sites is not completely what they need or want. While making new friends over here we talked to many employers and found what it was that they are looking for in a CV.

For assistance in getting your CV prepared, please leave a comment in the box below or send us an email.

Not just CV’s but we can assist with everything from car hire, local recruiters that does not advertise internationally, finding a place to stay, schools for your kids and everything in between. Think of us as you local Personal Assistant, assisting you here, while you are still there.

Drop us an email for detailed information on how we can assist you.

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