Cost of Living SA vs NZ

During our move to NZ we searched the web for information regarding the cost of living, NZ vs SA. We had an idea of what was being said and what we could find on the internet and social media platforms; but coming over here and spending in dollars was a bit shocking at first. The fault we made was to convert. When you convert from SA Rands to NZ Dollars you would most probably have a fit the first few times around, especially because you would most probably be spending your hard earned South African Rands in New Zealand shops at first, that is until you get your first salary.

For example: Looking at rental property prices in a City like Palmerston North, you could easily pay $500.00 a week for an average 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in an average neighborhood. It does not sound bad but if you convert the rent to SA rand you would be paying approx. R5,000.00 per week. Paying R20,000.00 rent in South Africa does not sound to bad but you must consider what you will get for that R20,000.00 in New Zealand. Talking to fellow SA Migrants, we found that the house you would get in NZ will be a very average but good house; where in SA, you pay R20,000.00 you will most probably have an above average house in a above average neighborhood. We are not even mentioning 5-week months that will escalate the rental up R25,000.00 (5 x $500.00).

The first thing you must consider when arriving in NZ is not to convert from NZ Dollars to SA Rand. As you convert the cost of living may seem extreme, but keep in mind that as soon as you start earning dollars, the picture will change completely.

*The estimated rate we used to convert from SA to NZ currency is at 10:1 (approx. value)

Here are some examples of what to expect:

Approx costs as per 10:1 currency rate *Rates & currency rate may change from date of post

*Please note that the average costs mentioned above was taken from a Checkers receipt – Cape Town vs Pak ‘n Save receipt – Palmertson North. Prices may vary from town to town.

If your income was approx. R35,400.00 in South Africa, you will need to earn approx. $6,300.00 in New Zealand to maintain the same standard of living as in SA.

*Please note that the amounts mentioned above is an estimated amount found on variable sites and talking to fellow South Africans in NZ.

For more information on the cost of living in NZ compared to SA or drop us an email and we will assist with the basic costs.

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