People who are lucky enough to have family or friends in another country often move in with them until they can arrange their own accommodation.

Renting a property without a job is almost impossible and even after obtaining a job can it be strenuous. To rent a property in another country without a credit rating, local reference and family portfolio is very difficult.

Especially new immigrants from countries that have weaker exchange rates often cannot afford rent and furnishings on arrival. So, cramming the family into a relative’s spare bedroom, or sleeping everyone on the floor or sofa in the living room, is a common practice. Although living with experienced settlers in many ways helps migrants adjust to a new country.

The problem is that sharing spaces, living out of suitcases, and feeling as if you are imposing on others, can add to stress.

It is a good idea to get together a family portfolio which includes some pictures and information about yourself, who you are and what you do. When you find the perfect place, you can supply your family portfolio and stand a much better chance to get picked from the pile. The house will be open for viewing and not one family at a time, everyone that is interested will see the house at the same time and apply. The property owner or rental agency will then view the application and choose the applicant most suited to the property. This is where your family portfolio will become relevant to obtaining the property of your choice.

House hunting via the internet is nearly impossible as you cannot visit the property when the scheduled viewing takes place. For assistance in viewing the property, contact us, your local personal assistant that will view the property for you. Pictures and video of the property will be sent to you with our honest opinion to assist you in making the correct choice. Live streaming is also an option, depending on the time difference.

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