Moving overseas can be very stressful

Talking to fellow SA immigrants in NZ, we found that we all had one thing in common. We did not realize that the usual hassles and annoyances of everyday life which was usually trivial would suddenly be challenging. The result is that we felt frustrated, incompetent and often humiliated in an environment where we had no support system or one that is limited and could result in stress and depression that is a personal reaction to one’s coping ability.

Here’s the good news

As a South African family that immigrated to New Zealand, we know what you will be facing and will have to endure while moving until you are settled in. We aim to help you make the transition as smooth as possible, so you do not have to worry about the how, where and how much, only the when.

This is how we can assist you

CV Setup – The way Employers really want it

Job Search – Listing the Employers and Recruiters in the area you are looking at in real time

Flight assistance – Where and when at the best prices

Airport arrival – We will pick you up and take you to your new home

Car rental – We can arrange local car rental at the best prices

Buying a vehicle – If you are in the market for a new or second hand vehicle, we will do a vehicle inspection, send you pictures/video and a auto mechanics opinion, we can also assist with obtaining the finance for you in advance

Short term rentals – If you are coming over as a visitor, we can search for local short term rentals in real time

House hunting – We will setup your family portfolio and do property inspections on your behalf. Pictures and video will be supplied so you can make the correct choice

Furniture – We can even get your home move in ready

Schools – We will visit the local schools and give you the options of availability in your area

Doctors – We will register your family with your local medical center/doctor as your needs require

Utilities – We will compile a list of the local service providers with the pricing options

Cell phone providers – We can arrange your internet and cell phone service providers

Services – Depending on what you need, can we supply all neccesary details and advice

Insurance – We will give you the options available with the coverage you need

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