Not just language barriers, but different accents, especially South African accents can add to the difficulties of moving to New Zealand. Even if English is your first language, the accent of the Kiwi’s can be a bit difficult to understand straight away. Now, Kiwi accents is a lot like the Aussie accent but somehow different. For Kiwi’s to understand the South African accent could also be a bit confusing in the beginning, but I must say, they really do try and they don’t mind our accent at all. Afterall, the South African accent was voted the worlds second sexiest accent…and offcourse the Kiwi’s ranked first, so with the top two sexiest accents in one country, what can I say!

The problem is that language problems can create obstacles to social and professional integration, increase stress, and reduce self esteem, creating more social isolation. We found it best to tune into the local Kiwi television channels and listen how they say things. Let the program play in the background while you do some house cleaning (yes, cleaning your house is your problem here) but we will give you some solutions in another post.

The best way to overcome the language and accent barrier is to give it time, talk to locals and make conversation. The Kiwi’s are a very kind people and really do not mind you asking to repeat themselves.

So as jy enige vrae het of hulp benodig, kontak ons gerus deur ‘n epos te stuur na of kommentaar onder te los. Ons sal spoedig na jou toe terugkom.

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